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2020-24 Aldus UP

Ongoing project

What is ALDUS UP

Aldus Up is the European Book Fairs network coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) for the internationalization of the book sector, with particular attention to the digital shift. Started in September 2020, Aldus Up carries out studies, surveys and initiatives to support the exchange of rights between European countries, the promotion of reading and translations, as well as new models for book fairs to develop their audience and increase their inclusivity and accessibility.

The network

Aldus Up builds on the experience of the previous Aldus (June 2016 – May 2020) project. Aldus Up network now gathers 20 European book fairs: 4 international (Bologna, Frankfurt, London and Liber in Spain), 16 national (Antwerp, Bucharest, Gothenburg, Istanbul, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Madrid, Naples, Prague, Riga, Rome, Thessaloniki, Turin, Sofia, Vienna, Vilnius). Aldus Up will continue to expand the Aldus network, supporting the collaboration between fairs and the exchange of know-how to innovate their formats by creating more engaging and inclusive event and to facilitate the transnational mobility of book professionals.

Researches, Knowledge Hub and Events

Aldus Up promotes surveys and researches aimed at understanding the evolution of European publishing (with studies on translation trends in Europe and the evolution of reading habits, with particular attention to the impact of digitisation) enhancing the capacity of book fairs to innovate their format (with studies on best practices in audience development and book fairs accessibility). Studies and information resources developed by Aldus Up will be presented in dedicated events hosted by book fairs in Europe, made available online on the Aldus Up platform “Knowledge Hub” and to the members of Aldus Up Community.

The European project

Aldus Up is a large-scale cooperation project co-funded in the framework of the Creative Europe programme 2014-2020 for a duration of 42 months (Sept 2020 – Feb 2024).

The partners of Aldus Up are the Italian Publishers Association (AIE, project coordinator); the Federation of European Publishers (FEP); the publishers’ associations of Flanders (Boek.be), Lithuania (LLA), Latvia (LGA), Portugal (APEL), Romania (AER) and Norway (NPA); the book fairs of Frankfurt, Bologna (Children’s Book Fair), Vienna and Rome (Più Libri Più Liberi), Fondazione LIA, the book studies department of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Spanish Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez (FGSR).

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