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We analyze in detail the level of accessibility of the communication tools, information and channels used by your company. The auditing process allows to define the necessary interventions to meet the international accessibility requirements

Our Audit service allows you to verify the degree of compliance of your company’s products or services with respect to the relevant regulations and international accessibility standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, Epub Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, Onix for Books 3, Schema.org). It verifies the accessibility of your company website, digital platforms, online stores, apps and digital publications, including annual reports, brochures and flyers, documents of all kinds.

Four steps towards accessibility


The accessibility experts of our team, supported by our assistive technology experts, analyze in detail that the necessary requirements for a publication, site, store or online service are met to be navigable and fully usable by all users.


At the end of this careful analysis phase, we draw up a timely and complete report with the list of checks carried out and the list of accessibility problems and aspects to be corrected or improved in order to guarantee the end user full use and usability. The Accessibility Report is meant to be a step-by-step guide that your company team can use as a reference during every step of the development.


When the development team of your company has verified and solved the problems reported, Fondazione LIA will carry out a further audit to verify that the final result is fully accessible.


In the delicate subsequent phases dedicated to resolving the problems that have emerged, our experts can continue to offer assistance to your company’s development team. We offer Help desk service for this purpose, which allows your team to be in constant dialogue with our experts to find together solutions that can meet your needs, while ensuring an accessible result.

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Do you want to make your publications, your site or your platform compliant with accessibility standards? For an evaluation of the current level, contact us immediately by writing to segreteria@fondazionelia.org 


About us

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    Paolo Casarini

    Il Mulino decided to make the Pandoracampus platform compliant with international accessibility standards, in particular for students with visual impairments and dyslexics. For this reason, with LIA, we have studied a path that bases its foundations on training at various company levels: management, commercial, editorial and technical. Once the correct corporate culture was created, we asked Fondazione LIA technical team to check on our Pandoracampus e-learning platform the problems present and the situations to be corrected. We then proceed, step by step, to eliminate any impediment and the activation of technological mechanisms to achieve true and complete inclusion.