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We develop customized training courses, built starting from the shared evaluation of the specific needs and objectives of each reality we work with. The training is built by combining different modules and taking into account the participants’ level of awareness and accessibility knowledge

Tailor-made training

We build customized training packages starting from the objectives of the company that wants to work with us. Our training offer includes theoretical and practical courses, enriched by examples of concrete cases, which provide both general skills on the accessibility of publishing products and the techniques necessary to insert accessibility into the production process.

Our teachers are experts with many years of experience in the field of accessibility.

The training can be preceded by an Audit phase aimed at studying the current level of accessibility of the website, platforms and digital documents (financial statements and annual reports, reporting, etc.).

The main objective of our training projects is to make the participants able to independently produce accessible publications, websites and platforms, also thanks to the guidelines we provide at the end of the training. In the subsequent phases, a remote Help Desk service is also available, to provide support regarding any problems that may arise while working independently.

Training courses

Here are some of the modules that can be combined to build a tailor-made training project for your company:

  • Design for all: usability and accessibility of digital contents;
  • Accessibility legislation: European regulations and international standards;
  • How to produce accessible documents in Word, PDF e EPUB;
  • InDesign: how to create Born accessible publications;
  • Accessibility of websites, apps and platforms;
  • Programming accessible content in HTML5;
  • How create alternative descriptions for the images;
  • Metadata for describing accessibility features.


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To build with us the training course that best suits your company, contact us immediately by writing an email at segreteria@fondazionelia.org


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    In line with what is foreseen by the memorandum of understanding signed between ABI – Italian Banking Association and Fondazione LIA  in 2019, ABI Servizi was able, thanks to the close and fruitful collaboration with LIA experts, to start a path towards accessibility and to acquire the skills necessary to make our documents and services accessible, a certainly fundamental measure for adapting to new regulations, in particular the European Accessibility Act, but also a significant step towards the inclusion of everyone in the banking sector.