Photo on an art piece made of ropes making up a network Photo on an art piece made of ropes making up a network

International network

Fondazione LIA is a reality which operates at international level. Since the beginning of its activities, it has built relationships and created partnerships with the most important international realities that are specialized in the development of standards and solutions for accessible reading.

In particular, LIA is an active member of:


LIA actively participates in the most important international working groups in the field of accessibility of editorial products, which deal with the research and development of standards and innovative and increasingly accessible solutions for all.

  • W3C (World Wide Web Consortium): Publishing Business Group;  Publishing Working Group;  EPUB3 Community Group; CSS Print Community Group, WCAG – WAI EOWG.
  • Daisy Consortium: TIES Transition to accessible EPUB;  Reading Systems;  DIAGRAM standard; TIES Production group.
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization): ISO OT UNI CT 014/SC 04  “Automazione e documentazione”.