Fotografia di una mano che regge dei cartoncini illustrati Fotografia di una mano che regge dei cartoncini illustrati
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Let’s get accessible! A seminar on alternative text for images


Fondazione LIA is organizing an international seminar focusing on accessibility of publishing products, for the first in-person edition of BolognaBookPlus and the 2022 edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

The event is organised in the framework of Aldus UP, the European Book Fairs network promoting the internationalization of the book sector and the innovation of book fairs format.

Let’s get accessible! All you need to know to produce publications (and images) that every reader can enjoy


March 22nd, 14.00 – 14.45

BBPlus theatre


Filippo Floridia (Ebook Production Coordinator, Mondadori Group)

Marta Fornasero (Editor, Deascuola)

Elisa Molinari (Project Manager, Fondazione LIA)


The new legislation requires content producers to adapt their production flow and upgrade their skills by taking into account the need to create an accessible ecosystem; where everyone in the value chain has to do their part. How? The seminar will provide an overview of the recent evolution of the legislation on the subject (Marrakesh Treaty and European Accessibility Act) and the best practices to produce quality and accessible editorial content for people with print impairments.

LIA’s experts will present the advantages of making their content accessible to people with visual disabilities, thus creating an inclusive editorial proposal for every reader.

A focus on alternative text for images

Publishing has always used images and visual representations of all kinds (photographs, illustrations, graphics, etc.) to enrich text and convey concepts and emotions to its readers in the best possible way. For example, in children’s books, visual content is of great importance.

During the conference, the topic of alternative texts will be explored: hidden texts inserted within the image that can be read by assistive technologies (such as Text to speech), in order to describe its content to those who cannot access the image through sight. The alternative text is a key element to ensure full accessibility and usability of content also by people with a visual disability.

This seminar is aimed in particular at editors, graphic designers and illustrators who work in the process of design and creation for images, infographics and graphics for paper, digital and web contents.


The event is organized in the framework of Aldus UP, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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The summit was made possible thanks to the countribution of Direzione generale Educazione, ricerca e istituti culturali del Ministero della Cultura

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