Towards an accessible digital publishing ecosystem: usability and accessibility of digital contents


Accessibility is becoming a more and more crucial subject within the publishing industry and its implementation can represent a great innovation opportunity. As legislation follows from the Marrakesh Treaty and the European Accessibility Act comes into force for all products and services in June 2025, every actor of the book value chain will need to evolve a strategy for an accessible digital publishing ecosystem. This course is the best starting point for having a clear and complete vision of this new scenario, describing what digital accessibility is and what it means its adoption for every actor of the book value chain.

Learning objectives

Our accessibility expert will provide a clear and complete overview of what digital accessibility is and of the legal, social, and commercial motivations to embrace it. Participants will become aware of what adopting the ‘born accessible’ mindset accessibility entails and will understand how print impaired readers use assistive technology to access digital products and services. The objective is to disseminate the culture of accessibility at all business levels inside the publishing house or the company. Sharing the same knowledge and awareness on accessibility leads to a real collaboration and allows teamwork for the common goal, enhancing the efforts to ensure accessibility.

Who is this course for

Accessibility is not be the prerogative of content developers: it must involve everyone in the publishing house to be effective. This course turns to publishers and companies willing to introduce accessibility in their publishing processes. Thanks to its theoretical approach, it is suitable for all the business functions: Management, Editorial, Marketing, Commercial and Production.

Topics covered

  • The legislative framework: Marrakech Treaty and European Directive on accessibility of product and services;
  • The Born Accessible principle and its adoption by a publishing house;
  • The accessibility journey of a print impaired reader;
  • How people with visual disabilities reads: what are the users’ needs and the most common reading tools;
  • Demo on accessible reading solutions;
  • How to implement a successful accessibility strategy-

Number of participants

Limited to a maximum of 25 persons due the practical setting to ensure proper engagement.

Participants will need:

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • Good internet connection

Follow-up materials

  • The slides of the course


Online – on the Zoom platform


4 hours delivered in 1 session


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Meet our trainers

Fondazione LIA’s team has been working side by side with Italian publishers since 2011, sharing a long-term experience in the field of accessible digital publishing.

Fotografia di Cristina Mussinelli

Cristina Mussinelli

She works in the publishing sector since 1982. Since 1988 she has been responsible for the technological innovation area within the Italian Publishers Association (AIE). She is a Board member of EDRLab, member of the W3C Digital Publishing Business Group, Daisy Consortium and ISO UNI/CT 014/SC 04.

Fotografia di Elisa Molinari

Elisa Molinari

She has been working at the Italian Publishers Association since 2011. Since 2013 she has been working with Fondazione LIA where she is responsible of training activities, projects and events. She takes part in the FEP Accessibility Group and has a specific knowledge about image description.

Fotografia di Gregorio Pellegrino

Gregorio Pellegrino

Computer engineer and accessibility expert since 2013. He is responsible for the technical aspects of LIA’s consulting and training activities and takes part in several international working groups of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and DAISY Consortium.


Standard fee for one participant

Reductions available:

  • 2° participant of the same publishing house: 130€
  • Any additional participant of the same publishing house: 70€

Reductions for IPA/FEP members:

  • 1° participant: 120€
  • 2° participant of the same publishing house: 100€
  • Any additional participant of the same publishing house: 55€
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