How to make the most of InDesign for accessibility


The recently approved European Accessibility Act requires that by June 2025 e-books are accessible for everyone. This practical course provides a detailed and specific knowledge on how to make the most of the most used authoring tool, Adobe InDesign, in terms of accessibility,

Learning objectives

Our accessibility expert will guide you in the use of InDesign in regard to accessibility by providing practical examples, checklists, tips and tricks to produce accessible publications. The course will provide a methodology which will guide participants in their daily work to be compliant with the international standards for accessibility defined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Who is this course for

This course is intended to be a highly practical and in-depth training, thus some basic knowledge of Adobe InDesign is required. It is ideal for those involved in content creation and production of PDF and EPUB files already working with Adobe InDesign.

Topics covered

  • Technical requirements of an accessible digital publication (guidelines, standards, checklists and international framework);
  • Standard format and mark-up languages (XML, CSS, SVG);
  • Set up of the semantic structure, reading order;
  • Create accessible Table of Contents and tables;
  • Adobe InDesign workflows.

Number of participants

Limited to a maximum of 15 persons due the practical setting to ensure proper engagement.

Participants will need:

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Good internet connection

Follow-up materials

  • A guide on how to use Adobe InDesign in regard to accessibility
  • Accessibility checklists
  • The slides of the course


Online – on the Zoom platform


16 hours delivered in 4 different days, in 4 sessions.


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Meet our trainers

Fondazione LIA’s team has been working side by side with Italian publishers since 2011, sharing a long-term experience in the field of accessible digital publishing.

Fotografia di Gregorio Pellegrino

Gregorio Pellegrino

Computer engineer and accessibility expert since 2013. He is responsible for the technical aspects of LIA’s consulting and training activities and takes part in several international working groups of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and DAISY Consortium.


Standard fee for one participant

Reductions available:

  • 2° participant of the same publishing house: 520€
  • Any additional participant of the same publishing house: 260€

Reductions for IPA/FEP members:

  • 1° participant: 480€
  • 2° participant of the same publishing house: 400€
  • Any additional participant of the same publishing house: 200€
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