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Terna is the first Italian utility to obtain LIA’s accessibility certification

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Terna S.p.a., the first grid operator for electricity in Europe, is the first utility in Italy to publish the company’s financial statements in an accessible format for people with print disability, thus obtaining the accessibility certification by Fondazione LIA.

In order to promote the culture of inclusion and to broaden the audience of its communication, Terna highlights accessibility as a corporate value. The initial goal was to combine the graphics by Mercurio GP agency, with a design in which every element of the text is usable and can be navigated with the assistive technologies.

Now on Terna’s website, in the archive page with all the digital documents published, the LIA’s label of accessibility is seen next to the 2020 Financial Report and 2020 Sustainability Report, both in the Italian and in the English version.

Covers of Terna's financial statements

Making the main financial and non-financial reports accessible is an important choice for a company: it is the beginning of a more sustainable and inclusive future, which adds value to all recipients of corporate communication.

The advancements made by Terna in this direction have been recognized, by the third consecutive year, with first place in the Electric Utilities sector of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.


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