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A survey to improve the Thorium Reader experience

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EDRLab has launched a survey to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Thorium Reader, the desktop ebook reader application.

This application is in constant development and aims to become the reference for accessing EPUB 3 (reflowable or fixed layout), and publications in other formats. With continuous features addition, the user experience has grown in complexity over the years. Huge efforts were made to get Thorium Reader highly accessible for visually impaired and dyslexic people.

Now, EDRLab wants to revamp the user interface and cater to the needs of hundreds of thousands of readers, ensuring an unparalleled reading experience.

To achieve this goal, EDRLab is requesting readers to participate in a survey. Thorium users’ insights will guide the programmers in making improvements to the application.

Participation to the survey will only require a few minutes of your time. You can participate in the survey here: https://2irzxg6dcnp.typeform.com/to/w5cRW6LH