Photo of a laptop and a mug Photo of a laptop and a mug

A showcase of accessibility tools

While working at the production and conversion of accessible publications, it often happens to make use of tools, scripts and plug-ins complementary to the use of normal text editing or editorial layout programs. These are useful tools that provide concrete help in various aspects that affect the final accessibility of a file.

With a view to sharing the know-how with all the people and organizations that work with accessibility, we have decided to create an aggregation page that brings together all the tools we have tried in these years of work.

At this link you can access a board on Trello managed by LIA where we have collected and classified useful tools, scripts and plug-ins: Tools for Born Accessible Publishing.

In the bulletin board, the various tools have been distinguished with labels that classify them by color according to the format you are working on:

  • green: tools for EPUB;
  • red: tools for PDF;
  • blu: tools for DOCX;
  • orange: tools for PPTX.

Two different colored labels then distinguish the free tools (yellow) from the paid ones (purple).

We have created this space with a participatory intent, with the desire to see it enriched with new tools that can provide concrete help in the work of many. Therefore it is possible to integrate the board through timely reports that will be evaluated case by case.


Credit of the image: @Wooden Earth