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EU ebooks titles analysis and accessibility gaps. ABELab report released


On October 30th 2023, ABE Lab project has released the Report on Backlist Data and Gap Analysis. It provides relevant information for all who will have to remediate their ebooks backlist to make them compliant with the accessibility requirements of the European Accessibility Act (EAA).

The report presents the results of the research conducted in the ABE Lab project and provides an overview of the quantities and different categories of the ebooks currently available on the EU market and information on the recurrent accessibility issues. It also explains the methodologies adopted and provides a useful classification aimed at mapping and identifying the level of complexity of ebooks remediation.

ABE Lab project

ABE Lab is a collaborative project aiming to provide publishers with detailed information about options and costs for remediation to make backlist ebooks accessible. European Digital Reading Lab (EDRLab), Fondazione LIA and Koninklijke Bibliotheek the National Library of the Netherlands are partners of this Creative Europe funded project.

2023-24. ABE Lab – Accessible Backlist Ebooks Laboratory

Report on Backlist Data and Gap Analysis

The report describes the activities and the results of the first phase of the project that was dedicated to analyzing the composition of the EU backlist, in terms of ebook formats, categories and years of production, and to conducting a gap analysis to highlight their most recurring accessibility issues in the light of EAA requirements and international accessibility guidelines.

This document provides stakeholders with a classification methodology and an overview of the gaps to be filled for the titles in the backlist to reach conformity to the EAA. The direct outcomes of this work are:

  • a remediation complexity assessment methodology applicable to collections of files;
  • a view of the remediation complexity per Thema category;
  • a view of main accessibility issues detected.

The report was officially released on October 30th 2023 and is available for free download on the ABELab deliverables webpage.

We hope the report will provide you with valuable information and we are at your disposal for any questions or comments. Please contact the ABELab Project Core Team using the email contact@abelab.eu