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Rome. A day-long conference on inclusive academic publishing


On 20th June in Rome, at the Sapienza University, will take place a full-day conference dedicated to inclusion in the publishing sector and in universities: Dentro tutti. L’editoria inclusiva e l’università. The conference is organized by the Sapienza University in collaboration with the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and Fondazione LIA, and with the support of the National University Conference of Delegates for Disability (CNUDD) and DigiLab, an interdepartmental center for research and services of the Sapienza University.

This is an unprecedented event in Italy and it will be attended by exponents from the academic, editorial, and political world to discuss together on the themes of inclusiveness and accessibility. The goal is to provide to the university system a snapshot of the level of inclusiveness of the academic publishing and to the publishing industry an overview of what are the needs of readers and students.

One of the main focuses of the day will be the accessibility of academic publishing,  a fundamental theme as it is closely connected with the possibility for people with disabilities or with learning and reading disorders to achieve the highest levels of education.


The conference includes several sessions dedicated to different topics. In the first part, the speakers will illustrate the social, editorial, and technological context and the regulatory changes. In the second part, professionals from the publishing sector and representatives of Italian universities will present some case studies highlighting the areas where publishers and universities are acting together and those where they plan to act upon to ensure that academic publishing becomes more and more inclusive.



  • Gianfranco Crupi, Responsible for students with disabilities and SLD, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, Sapienza University

Institutional greetings

  • Antonella Polimeni, Chancellor, Sapienza University
  • Giuseppe Recinto, Head of Cabinet of Italian Ministry of University and Research
  • Caterina Lombardo, Delegate of the Chancellor for students with disabilities and SLD, Sapienza University
  • Arianna Punzi, Dean Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, Sapienza University
  • Paola Buzi, Director of DigiLab, Sapienza University




Accessible reading for all. A rapidly evolving social context and publishing world

  • Mario Barbuto, President of the Italian Blind and Visually Impaired Union (UICI) and Fondazione LIA

Legislation (international, European, national)

  • Beatrice Cunegatti, IT Law Firm

Technologies and new opportunities

  • Gregorio Pellegrino, Chief Accessibility Officer of Fondazione LIA

The needs of readers

  • Giampiero Griffo, Coordinator of National Observatory on the Condition of People with Disabilities

The editorial offer

  • Maurizio Messina, Professional Academic Group AIE




The commitment of publishers and content creators

  • Cristina Mussinelli, Secretary General of Fondazione LIA

Experiences in publishing houses

  • Andrea Angiolini, Editorial Director of Il Mulino; Paolo Casarini, IT Director of Il Mulino
  • Roberto Devalle, General Director of Deascuola; Marta Fornasero, Editor at D Scuola

The commitment of universities

  • Antonio Felice Uricchio, President of National Evaluation Agency of the University and Research system
  • Alberto Arenghi, President of CNUDD

Experiences in universities

  • Umberto Gentiloni, President of Sapienza Università Editrice
  • Dimitri D’Andrea, President of Firenze University Press
  • Claudia Napolitano, Coordination of the Italian University Press
  • Anna Capietto, Polin Laboratory University of Turin



  • Gianfranco Crupi, Sapienza University; Andrea Angiolini, Il Mulino; Piero Attanasio, AIE