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LIA at the annual Book Publishers Association of Alberta Conference 


Fondazione LIA will take part at the annual conference of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA), which includes over 30 companies operating in the thriving publishing sector in the province of Alberta in Canada.

The conference will take place in Alberta starting from the 20th to the 22nd of September: a three day event involving realities from all over the world to bring their own experiences in key sectors for the future of the book, like storytelling, new ways to interact with the audience during events, and accessibility of digital publications.

The first day is dedicated to BPAA association events, while on September 21st and 22nd Canadian and international experts will take the stage. The second day will also host the awards ceremony for the annual Alberta Book Publishing Awards, which recognize both the literary value of local authors and the work of the publishers which operate in the province.

Cristina Mussinelli, Fondazione LIA Secretary General, will open the third and final day with a keynote speech as a common thread for the following interventions. The speech will be dedicated to the theme of accessible publishing and it will highlight the strategic aspect and the advantages for a publisher of implementing accessibility in their production and distribution processes.

Here is the detailed program of the conference.