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Cristina Mussinelli confirmed in the EDRLab board of directors. Luisa Gaggini of Casalini was also elected

What's new

Cristina Mussinelli and Luisa Gaggini now sit on the board of EDRLab (European Digital Reading Lab), a research and development lab committed to build an open, interoperable and accessible digital publishing ecosystem.

For Mussinelli (Secretary General of Fondazione LIA) this is the fourth reappointment: the re-election testifies to the recognition and esteem for the work carried out by LIA during these years and it underscores the relevance now assumed by the issue of accessibility for all the realities involved in digital publishing.

A careful look at accessibility also characterizes Casalini Libri, of which Luisa Gaggini is Head of the Digital Division.  Casalini’s digital platform “Torrossa” offers libraries and institutions around the world access to publications and scholarly journals from 470 publishers. The platform is now compliant with international accessibility standards thanks to the collaboration started in 2021 with Fondazione LIA.


EDRLab is a research and development laboratory created in 2015 with the support of the French government, by an initiative of institutions in the book sector: Centre National du livre, Syndicat national de l’édition, Cercle de la Librarie, major publishing groups such as Editis, Hachette, Madrigall, and the collaboration of Media Participations and Cap Digital. It is a nonprofit committed to the development of technological solutions internationally to promote the adoption of digital reading and foster the construction of an open, interoperable and accessible digital publishing ecosystem.

Today it has 65 members: major institutions in the book world, such as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France; associations representing publishers in different countries, such as the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) and the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels for Germany; publishers and distributors of digital books; publishing and technology service providers; online bookstores and sales or lending platforms.

The Board

After the election, EDRLab’s new board of directors consists of 13 members:

  • Virginie Clayssen (Editis)
  • Chair, Rémi Bauzac (Vivlio)
  • Marion Berthaut (Mobidys)
  • Alban Cerisier (Madrigall)
  • Carlos Cunha (Cap Digital)
  • Luisa Gaggini (Casalini Libri)
  • Hadrien Gardeur (De Marque)
  • Mathis Grosbois (French State, ministère de la Culture)
  • Aude Hanquez (Centre National du livre)
  • Michel Lanneau (Cercle de la Librairie)
  • Pauline Mouroux (Média-Participations)
  • Cristina Mussinelli (Fondazione LIA)
  • Arnaud Robert (Hachette Livre)