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An autumn dedicated to promoting accessibility in the banking sector


The multi-year collaboration with ABI, the italian banking association (Associazione Bancaria Italiana) and Fondazione LIA continues, with a series of activities that in the upcoming months will see them involved in promoting digital accessibility in the banking sector. Since 2019, when the two realities signed a memorandum of understanding, both parties promoted many events, training days and opportunities for meeting and exchange to pursue the primary objective for which the protocol was born.

A new training course

This September Fondazione LIA started a training course for the staff of the Association’s service company, ABIServizi. The training is the first step to understand how to design technological solutions in line with the European regulations and how to improve the efficiency of their operating structures by producing better solutions in terms of accessibility and usability. The focus of these meetings are publications and digital documents, but also online distribution platforms.

A conference on inclusion and accessibility

On 28th October, the foundation will take part in the conference “Accessibility, inclusion, diversity and business. Trends and perspectives in the bank “, a serie of online seminars organized by ABI and dedicated to the exploration of the different aspects concerning the accessibility of banking services.
The conference gathers experts working with accessibility to talk about the opportunities, challenges and progresses that are occurring in the digital world and in particular in the banking field. Cristina Mussinelli, Secretary General of LIA, will hold an in-depth discussion on the issue of accessibility of websites and digital publications.

The memorandum of understanding

The 2019 protocol agreement has been signed to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences between the two companies operating in different industries. The planned activities aim to raise awareness in the banking sector to the issues of accessibility and usability of products, distribution channels, banking tools and services.
The aim is to achieve the full financial and social inclusion of people with visual and print impairments.