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“Accessible Digital Books and Export”. A Webinar for Canadian Publishers


Livres Canada Books organizes a webinar for Canadian publishers, outlining the major elements of the European Accessibility Act (EAA) as it relates to Canadian book exports: “Accessible Digital Books and Export”, on the 15th of December (1:00 p.m. EST). The webinar will be hosted by accessible publishing experts from Fondazione LIA.

The European Accessibility Act establishes accessibility requirements across all EU member countries for numerous products and services, including e-books and e-book reading systems. With Canada as the Guest of Honour country at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2021, Canadian publishers are poised to deepen their presence in book markets throughout the European Union and can thus benefit from learning about these accessibility requirements and their implications for the industry ahead of the EAA implementation in 2025.

Designed to provide concrete information to book industry stakeholders on best practices in accessible digital publishing in Europe, this webinar will provide:

  • a detailed overview of the EAA Directive and its obligations;
  • a description of the role to be played by each actor in the e-book production and distribution value chain;
  • information about the required accessibility standards for the publishing industry;
  • tips for international actors willing to offer their e-books services and their reading devices in the EU on how to prepare to implement the requirements of this new legislation.

This practical, hands-on webinar will provide Canadian publishers with the knowledge needed to navigate the opportunities and challenges presented by the EAA. This event is followed by an interactive Q&A period with the hosts of Fondazione LIA.