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2021. すべての人のための電子書籍: LIA’s whitepaper in Japanese

The whitepaper

E-books for all. Towards an accessible publishing ecosystem is the technical paper published in 2019 by LIA starting from the research and development work carried out in recent years alongside our publishers and making use of the international experience gained within the working groups on format standards, reading solutions and metadata for accessibility.

This whitepaper aims to be an agile manual, providing an overview of the different aspects involved, for all the players in the book value chain.

Download the English version here.

The collaboration with Keio Research Institute and APL

In 2021, the whitepaper was translated and distributed in Japan. The initiative stems from an agreement signed between Fondazione LIA and the Keio Research Institute at SFC, an important Keio University’s research institute committed to leading-edge research and innovation, with Advanced publishing laboratory (APL), promoter of the adoption of open standards and software in publishing.

This collaboration is part of a broader project to raise awareness in the Japanese publishing industry on the importance of accessibility and follows the 2019 Act to further the improvement of reading environments for visually impaired persons, which aimed to “the realization of a society that enables all of the people to enjoy the blessings of book culture”.

Now translated in Japanese

Read it now here, in PDF or in EPUB.

Cover of the whitepaper