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BIC Brunches 2024. EAA: Back to basics, the legalities


BIC brunches are a series of live webinars which have been created within The book industry’s supply chain organization (BIC) in UK and Ireland to discuss book industry supply chain topics. Each session is dedicated to one key area, offering attendees the opportunity to gather knowledge about that theme from experts in the field.

Fondazione LIA will participate at the first session, on July 11th, dedicated to the European Accessibility Act: “EAA: Back to basics, the legalities”. Further sessions of the season 2024/25 are planned exploring specific topics with regards to the EAA: metadata, ebooks, PDF, website and platforms, DRMs.

“EAA: Back to basics, the legalities”

The brunch will focus on the basics, looking at the legalities. It will be discussed what the EAA is, its purpose, what it encompasses, what is included/not included, what needs to be done by whom, and by when. Participants will also learn what organizations outside the EU27 need to do if they’re selling into Europe, if the act applies to printed books, what to do about titles published before 28th June 2025 but sold after 28th June 2025, and there’ll be an opportunity to understand more about the disproportionate burden extension.

The meeting will be hosted by Karina Urquhart (Executive Director, BIC) and will have as speakers Cristina Mussinelli (Secretary General of Fondazione LIA) and Mary Elliot (Management Partner of Fox Williams LLP, Solicitors).

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July 11th

12:00 – 1.30 pm BST, online

Tickets are free for BIC members; non-members are asked to pay a nominal fee. The tickets are available here. If you are not sure whether you organization is a member or not, you can check the members list.

If you would like to attend this event but cannot for any reason, you can watch BIC Brunch sessions via the BIC YouTube channel. Following the event, the footage will be uploaded to the channel.